For 120 years, The Free Age Press has stood as an attempt to assist in spreading the deep convictions in which the noblest spirits of every age and race have united.

Have you ever wanted to see your name on a book?

Have you got any written matter you’d like to see as a bound volume? Do you want to start a writing career?

With our custom book printing service, you can. Become one of our published authors, now!

From a single one to hundreds of prints.

Special price for you and a fair 80% royalty (highest on the market) on the sales revenue made through our website. (excluding printing & processing costs)

How to get my book printed?

  1. Write it using the bookdown framework (using markdown and LaTeX) (we can help you with the conversion from .docx .odt, .epub or .pdf, yet the best is for you to learn the industry standard of published works: markdown).
  2. Send it to us for review
  3. Receive your handmade print at home for an unbeatable price and become one of our published authors with a biography & bibliography page and your works for sale on our website

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