For 120 years, The Free Age Press has stood as an attempt to assist in spreading the deep convictions in which the noblest spirits of every age and race have united.

Our Friends

The Free Age Press takes for ally anyone striving to spread knowledge, philosophical, technical and spiritual, to foster the realization of a free, transcendental, peaceful society and alleviate strife and suffering in this world, be it mental, social or physical.

We are of course willing to welcome new friends and supporters on this page, may they be individuals or organizations. If you recognize yourself in our values and are willing to help with time and/or resources, please subscribe to our box or contact us.

Our supporters and friends:
You here!

Here are some of our other projects:

Pirate Editions
Mandragora (french)

We also support these projects which could be of use to you (non exhaustive list, please suggest other useful projects):

Wikipedia Wikisource Wiktionary Gutenberg Gallica Libgen Scihub
Tesseract OCR
The W3 consortium and the Internet Protocol stack (mainly HTTP, XMPP, EMAIL, Torrent & RSS)

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