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Count Lev Nikolayevitsch Tolstoy

Russian author from the 19th and beginning of 20th century chiefly known for his novels War and Peace, The death of Ivan Ilyitch and Anna Karenina. At the end of his life he went through a spiritual awakening and started writing pamphlets about Christianity, Peace, Politics and Humanity. This led to a movement called Tolstoyanism advocating on aiming our lives at reducing human suffering, unneeded division and hatred and on enjoying the simple pleasures and peace of life in the countryside.

Some social remedies

Short pamphlets on what ought to be done, on the current solutions proposed (anarchism, Henry-georgism) and on a pragmatic (but difficult) approach to solving most of the suffering in the world.

From this pamphlet came the line that inspired Gandhi to fight for his nation as well as a famous quote...