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Letters to Friends on the personal Christian Life

In this essay, first published in 1900 and mainly comprised of letters and excerpts of his journal, Tolstoy gives us his views on Christian non-resistance to evil, non-violence, and the Work that ought to be done for Men to follow God's plan and be truly fulfilled in their lives, all based on his interpretation of Christ's sermon on the mount.
He also discusses an uttermost concept: Compromise and the great deceit we may afflict ourselves if we fall for it.
Short and concise, this essay is insightful to all, Christians or not, that's why we bring it to you as a digital edition today!

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Where Love is, there is God also

Written in 1885, it is quite an odd tale as it was inspired by "Martin the cobbler" written by Ruben Saillens a few years before, Saillens having been inspired by a letter from Tolstoy.
The two stories are included in this edition and both are about Martin, a humble cobbler living in Russia, having lost his wife and child, and getting old, he is at the same time resentful about his life and thinking more and more about the Lord. On a christmas day, he discovers in a vision why love toward mankind is the only real way to fulfil God's plan.