The Free Age Press

Have you ever wanted to see your name on the back of a book?

Have you got any written matter you’d like to see as a bound volume? Do you want to start a writing career?

With our custom book printing service, you can. Become one of our published authors, now!

From a single one to hundreds of prints. (+digital revision controlled editions for perennity)

Special price for you and a fair 80% royalty (highest on the market) on the sales revenue made through our website. (excluding printing, shipping & processing costs when they apply)

How to get my book printed?

Is it free?

Getting your book published here is free. Providing we accept your submission, your work will be preserved in our repository for future generations, made available online, printed and sent to your readers. You'll also be provided with credentials to publish revisions of your book.

If your work gets good feedback, we may take the steps of making a legal deposit and/or translating it to other languages, in which case we'll discuss that with you, striving to help you make the most out of it and get your ideas shared across the world.

(we reserve the right to refuse any book even though we rarely do)