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Our house was founded in 1899 yet our principles are more relevant today than ever before.

With the information revolution, what our founders could only dream of is now at hand: all our editions are now truly free to the world and we are able to publish as many titles as our authors can write! How to become one of our authors?

We prefigured self help litterature and the creative commons / copyleft revolution!

Writing systems gave us the opportunity to stop forgetting, the printing press made a few books available for all to read, the internet WILL make all books available for everyone to read AND write!

Help us create, translate, organize and spread important works and ideas. So that everyone is able to benefit from them.

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Our mission

The Free Age Press stands for an attempt to assist in spreading those deep convictions in which the noblest spirits of every age and race have united—that man's true aim and happiness is unity in reason and love; the realisation of the brotherhood of all men,—and that we must all strive to purge away, each from himself, those false ideas, false feelings, and false desires, personal, social, religious, political, racial, economic, which alienate us one from another and produce nine-tenths of the sum of human suffering.

Of these truly Christian and universally religious aspirations the writings of Leo Tolstoy are perhaps to-day the most definite expression, and it is to the production of 1d., 3d., and 6d. editions of all his known religious, social, and ethical works, together with the unpublished matter and future writings to which we have and shall have special access (being in close relationship with Tolstoy), that The Free Age Press will at first devote itself; trusting that all who sympathise will assist by every means in their power, especially in helping to spread the books the world over, losing no opportunity of introducing them whenever and wherever feasible, and of so making it possible for the work to be continued, and extended into wider and wider fields. As it is Tolstoy's desire that his books shall not be copyrighted, our editions will, whenever possible, be free to the world.

Suggestions, criticisms, inquiries, offers of help and co-operation will be gratefully welcomed; and it is specially requested that the names of any books that have helped towards a better understanding of life may be furnished, so that a much needed list may be compiled and published. [send them to us]

Letters, Private Orders, and Money Orders (it is hoped that friends will purchase as many copies as possible: even one will help) should be addressed to [this same mailbox]

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